BIO-SIL offers a variety of pet-friendly products namely:

Colloidal silver, colloidal silver gel, CDS, Diatomaceous earth, DMSO and MMS

Colloidal silver works to destroy bacterial, fungal and viral infections in cats and dogs just as well as it does in human beings. Furthermore, because colloidal silver is odorless, almost tasteless and non-toxic, experts say you can use it for both dogs and cats internally and externally.

If you are looking for a healthy, alternative way to take care of your pets and avoid expensive veterinary bills, colloidal silver can go a long way in helping you achieve that goal. Whether you are looking for a disease preventative, a way to clean your pet and his bedding or deal with illness and injuries, it can help you.

More Ways to Keep Pets Healthy with Colloidal Silver

Many people like to brush their dogs’ teeth. Colloidal silver can be applied directly into a pet’s mouth to help reduce bacteria, heal oral tissues and keep the gums and teeth clean. For dogs, it can also be added to homemade tooth powders and rinses.

Whether your pets live indoors or outdoors, they will be healthier and cleaner and so will you when you use colloidal silver.

Keep your pet’s bedding clean and free of bacteria and parasites when you regularly spray it with undiluted colloidal silver and allow it to air dry.

One or two tablespoons of colloidal silver in your pet’s food or water dish will keep his immune system strong and help prevent disease.

Preserve opened cans and containers of pet food in the refrigerator and make it last a few days longer by adding a few drops of colloidal silver to it.

If your pet is injured, spray or dab colloidal silver on the wound. If possible, bandage it until it heals.

Your dogs and cats are part of your family. Care for them like family members with colloidal silver and protect them from unnecessary visits to the veterinarian. Your cats and dogs will be healthier and live longer.

Pet related feedback:

“I sprayed colloidal silver on open wounds when our puppy fell off a garden wall, onto razor wire. They healed beautifully, without any infection”

” I sprayed colloidal silver on a long,  post-operation scar on our Boerbul’s hock which he kept biting and ripping the stitches out. With daily ozone blown on the wound and BIO-SIL sprayed liberally, it healed clean, albeit with a scar left where the two lots of stitches were  pulled out!”

“I add colloidal silver to our iguana’s water and food, keeping him 100% healthy – 7 years on!”

“Successfully wiped cats’ and dogs’ eye infections with cotton wool soaked with BIO-SIL colloidal silver”

” Stopped chronic diarrhoea in two new Maltese puppies with regular doses of BIO-SIL colloidal silver”

” Cleared my roosters infected toe (colloidal silver)”

“We have experienced a dreadful season of fleas and this seems to be National.  Friends visiting the Cape had also found this problem as they had taken their little dog with them. After listening to my dogs scratching and biting fleas with the usual resultant angry and flea-bitten skin I thought ‘My lovebird was losing her feathers – I tried all the remedies suggested and nothing worked until I decided to try your colloidal silver – it’s wasn’t long and all the feathers grew back. I just add a little to her drinking water’. Janet as well! I thought this very interesting and thought I would let you know. Sincerely, Rose”

“My lovebird was losing her feathers – I tried all the remedies suggested and nothing worked until I decided to try your colloidal silver – it’s wasn’t long and all the feathers grew back. I just add a little to her drinking water”. Janet

“My dog fell over a wall onto razor wire and lacerated her tummy quite badly – deep wounds. I just sprayed the cuts with BIO-SIL colloidal silver and they healed miraculously! I sent thebefore and after pictures”

“I started using CDS when we realised that we were dealing with a more vicious virus than just common everyday virus in a dog.I started with the protocol 1000 to get their bodies used to the CDS building up to the protocol 2000 and then to the 3000 – using -+ 15 -18 drops per dog in the beggining,and I was using DMSO with every CDS dose. at that stage I was prepared to over dose the dogs and treat dehydration than treat distemper and watch my dogs have seizures and literally fade away under my nose.(we lost 3 dogs as we started with the MMS / CDS treatment with the neurological side effects of distemper) I Maintained a course of dosing for 9 hours every day for 4 weeks , the same protocol one would use for HIV.( dosing dogs of different sizes became a challenge as we have dogs from dachshund sizes to weimeraner and Labrador size) and dosing 17 dogs daily, for 9 hours a day for 4 solid weeks was exhausting .I had to watch for nausea , vomiting and runny tummies daily.once the 4 weeks came to a final close and i was satisfied that the dogs could only go forward and not backwards, i reduced the dosing to 6 hourly with DMSO. watching them like a hawk for ANY side effects of twitching,snotty nose etc. we are currently on day 4 on the first week on the 6 hourly doses.we have completed a whole 4 weeks of dosing with no relapses and not another heart breaking death ……so we can only be on the right road now!!! I will maintain a steady dosing pattern for another few weeks to just MAKE SURE we are all healed and that we cannot encounter any form of relapse. I will reduce it every week until we are on a maintenance level (as long as there are no relapses) . I gave up my job to be with my dogs through this devastating time.I have now put CDS into my horses food, dogs water,cats,ducks,geese,pig, birds and chickens water on a daily basis and i will never be without CDS again!!!!!

Thank you to Yvonne,Shannon and Gordon for helping me out with questions and answers and numerous frantic deliveries when i couldnt …and still cant leave the farm due to the hourly dosing!! If it werent for you three and countless prayers……. i wouldnt have a single dog left by my side! All my love’ Cherisse”

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    Possible solutions will be diatomaceous earth, MMS and/or colloidal silver. 🙂

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