Self help from two out of the box scientists (Sheldrake and Lipton)

Self help from two delightful, humorous, out of the box scientists

Dr Rupert Sheldrake and Dr Bruce Lipton


These delightful two ‘out of the box’ scientists deliver an entertaining and humorous, easy to understand explanation of why genes do not dictate our lives (yay! so empowering!), the placebo effect, and much more. I also found absolutely fascinating and harmonic resonance with the fact that it is so easy to programme our babies from pre-birth with the conditioning of fear (e.g. of water even though any baby can swim immediately after birth) and the conditioning of not promoting innate self healing, but rushing off to the doctor to ‘get fixed’ – this often entails a nasty form of programming that when one needs love, even in old age, it is attained by turning on sickness.

Well worth taking some time out with a cuppa and enjoy – just click on this link :

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and if you enjoyed that, a terrific interview with Joe Rogan and Rupert Sheldrake:

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