ADHD – Moving Beyond, Naturally

Moving Beyond AD(H)D

A Drug Free Holistic Direction to Whole Brain Integration

Hi Folks

I drugged my son for 12 years.  How’s that for a confession!

My son, Robert was ‘diagnosed’ ADHD in his first year at school and Ritalin was prescribed by the medical expert.  He stayed on this drug all the way through school, eventually getting his matric. This was 10 years ago now.

If I knew then what I know now, I would make a different decision today, however my wife and I made the best choice we could with the available information at the time.  I remember picking him up early from school one day, and experiencing him under the influence of this powerful but short acting drug.  Instead of the lively, bright happy individual, my heart broke to see a shadow of his normal self; dull and non responsive. While on it he complained of lack of appetite and a dry mouth. All this so he would fit into the box of conventional schooling, and allow under-skilled and uninformed educators and the orthodox systems to control him.

It is with this in mind that I am including a link to:

Moving Beyond AD(H)D – A Drug Free Holistic Direction to Whole Brain Integration

This is a wonderful e-book, providing an alternative to drugs.  It has been written by a well respected practitioner who has worked in the field for many years.

If you have or know of anyone with Ad(H)D children, please take a look

In love and light


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3 thoughts on “ADHD – Moving Beyond, Naturally

  1. Dear Michael
    I have spent thirty five years trying to convince doctors, psychologists and teachers that kids with ADHD don’t need meds, they need integration. In Moving Beyond ADHD I give ten reasons why I would never medicate my daughters. Read these reasons and then make the decision to medicate. As John says, his son was dull and unresponsive on the medication – I call this the compliant robot response. They do exactly as you ask them but there is little activation of the prefrontal lobes where we imagine, visualise and create. They lack intuition and ideation – both important reasons for activating th eprefrontal lobe as you do in this programme. Enjoy the read!
    With Love

  2. Thank you for your comment.
    I believe, as with many other scenarios where we’ve been herded and bullied, that educating ourselves will win the day. Once we “know” truth we know how to act / react. We really need to hold tight onto our freedom to choose. Go well. :o)

  3. I got really upset one year when a student of mine was being assessed by a doctor for ADHD. I was aked as her teacher to fill out a 3-page form asking me for my opinion and observations. I filled out the form in such a way as to make plainly clear (as was my genuine view), that she didn’t need to go on meds, and her attention and behaviour was not as serious a problem as was made out.

    My recommendations must have been ignored because she was put on Ritalin anyway. I couldn’t work out how they could have dismissed my opinion so readily. It was as if when presented with a 50/50 lineball case they go for the medication option.

    Is that really sensible?

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