GMO Frankenfoods

Genetically Modified Organisms

What does it mean?

“GMOs” are Genetically Modified Organisms. Despite the marketing ploys of the biotechnology industry, which is intimately connected with the chemical and drug industries, GMOs do NOT include the type of plant and farm animal breeding that humans have practiced for millennia. Instead,  GMOs are the result of the application of sophisticated laboratory techniques by Big Agra (the same companies are also Big Pharma, by the way) researchers to change plant and farm animal genes to create products to produce novel proteins or other substances with which the human body has no prior experience. GMO plants, for example, may contain non-plant genetic material that may cause the plant to make never-before-encountered chemicals  which the body has no way to deal with. GMOs, and the dangerous chemicals that they are modified to survive the presence of, are known to damage organs, cause infertility and the death of fetuses in utero, auto immune disease and a host of other serious and sometimes lethal illnesses and hazards.


This new song takes aim at the biotech industry by exposing the dangers of genetically engineered (frankenfood) foods.

This is an issue that touches the lives of virtually everyone.

Genetically engineered foods have invaded our food supply, and people have a right to know what that means to their health.



Do listen to this catchy tune with its wise words


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  1. GMO Effects

    Every independent study conducted of GMO impact and safety shows massive health and genetic problems including, but not limited to:

    Infertility and Sterility, Fetal Death, Sexual inability and sterility in offspring, Fetal Abnormalities in Offspring, Neonatal Mortality, Low Birth Weight, Failure to Thrive;

    Damaged Immune Competence, Auto Immune Diseases, Cancer, Enhanced Allergenicity, Even to Previously Non-Allergenic Proteins Leading to Lethal Allergic Responses Previously Either Very Rare or Unknown;

    Bacteriological: Marker DNA conferring antibiotic resistance is inserted into GMOs. This marker DNA transfers not only to human and animal DNA, but to bacterial DNA as well, creating new classes of antibiotic-resistant DNA and new diseases;

    Small Kidneys, Punctate GI Walls and Membranes, Hair Growth on the Mucosal Surfaces of the Body;

    Reduced Adaptability, Problem Solving, Low Weight Brains in Fetuses and Neonates.


  2. Farmer Suicides

    India is in the midst of a flood of suicides among farmers. A new feature film written and directed by Anusha Rizwi and produced by Bollywood megastar Aamir Khan, called Peepli Live, takes a look at this grim topic.

    The vast majority of people in India still farm for a living, but are caught between deep debt and the erratic nature of seasonal change.

    Indian farmers are pressured into mortgaging their farms to purchase genetically modified seeds, pesticides, and fertilizer from American companies like Monsanto.

    According to AlterNet:

    “Since GM seeds are patented by Monsanto, their repeated use each year requires constant licensing fees that keep farmers impoverished. One bad yield due to drought or other reasons, plunges farmers so deep into debt that they resort to suicide. One study estimates that 150,000 farmers have killed themselves in the past ten years.”

    Full article to be found here:

  3. Why patents on seeds and animals result in monopolistic control
    over the entire food chain

    Friday, October 15, 2010 by: Jonathan Benson, staff writer

    When mankind is permitted to steal from nature and claim it as their own, only disaster awaits.
    And that is exactly what is happening around the world with crop seeds and animals, as biotechnology companies slice and dice genetic characteristics from natural sources and create new, patented plants and animals.
    The end result is total control of the entire food supply by a few wealthy companies.

    A recent report in The Ecologist highlights a visual graphic created by Philip Howard, an assistant professor at Michigan State University, that illustrates how five biotechnology giants — Monsanto, Syngenta, Bayer, Dow, and DuPont — have purchased hundreds of smaller seed companies over the years and essentially taken over the seed industry.

    The graphic can be accessed here:

    Farmers who wish to purchase seeds that have not been genetically-modified (GM) are having an increasingly difficult time finding alternatives because most of the seed companies are now either partially or fully owned by one of the big five, which means such companies now carry mostly GM varieties. Unlike natural seeds, GM seeds are patented and can only be planted once, which means farmers have to purchase them every year or buy a license to plant them.

    Source and full article :

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