Silver destroying Cancer

Silver Kills Some Cancer Tumors Better Than Chemotherapy, Says British Researchers


Will colloidal silver be the next new breakthrough in the war on cancer? 


Back in the 1970’s and ‘80’s, Dr. Robert O. Becker, M.D., best-selling author of The Body Electric and renowned pioneer researcher into the healing benefits of electrically generated silver ions conducted the first ground-breaking research demonstrating the effectiveness of silver against cancer cells.

Since then, very little clinical research into silver’s use as an anti-cancer agent has been conducted.  But out of the blue over the past several years, a small handful of new clinical studies demonstrating silver’s effectiveness against cancer cells and tumors have been published.


And just recently, British researchers have announced another new study demonstrating the surprising effectiveness of silver against cancer tumors.  Here’s the story that’s being overlooked by the U.S. news media…   







Hi, Steve Barwick here for


On February 2nd, the Daily Mail – one of Britain’s most popular newspapers – ran a surprisingly positive article on a new study demonstrating the use of silver to be effective against cancer tumors.


The headline of the article read: 


Silver bullet for cancer:

Metal can kill some tumors better than chemotherapy with fewer side effects


And the article began like this:

“Silver can kill some cancers as effectively as chemotherapy and with potentially fewer side effects, new research claims.

 Scientists say that old wives tales about the precious metal being a ‘silver bullet’ to beat the Big C could be true.

 The metal already has a wide range of medicinal uses and is a common antiseptic, antibiotic and means of purifying water in the third world.


And British researchers now say that silver compounds are as effective at killing certain cancer cells as a leading chemotherapy drug, but with potentially far fewer side-effects.”

Of course, the side effects of chemotherapy drugs can be unbearably harsh.  In fact, sometimes it’s the devastatingly toxic effects of chemotherapy drugs that end up killing the cancer victim before the cancer does.

So to see medical researchers now looking into silver as an anti-cancer agent – with the understanding that its safety profile is so much better than the toxic and often debilitating chemotherapy drugs – is indeed very heartening.


The Daily Mail article went on to say that silver’s widespread use in consumer products has already demonstrated its safety:


“The [researchers] compared it to Cisplatin, currently used to treat a wide variety of cancers, but known to have harsh side effects including nausea, vomiting and even kidney damage.

 Silver is used already in everyday products such as deodorant with no known side-effects, and could make for a potentially cheaper alternative to platinum-based Cisplatin.”

As the article further explained, the researchers are using a variety of silver-based chemical compounds in their studies, but they are honing in on the silver ions released by those compounds as the agent that actually kills the cancer:


“Researchers from the University of Leeds conducted lab tests which exposed breast and colon cancer cells to various silver-based chemicals over a six day period.

 Results, published in journal Dalton Transactions, showed that these silver-compounds were ‘as effective as Cisplatin’ at killing cancer with potentially fewer side effects.


While the team are still unsure about how exactly silver battles cancer, they think its effectiveness may be caused by the structure surrounding silver atoms, known as its ligand.

 They think this may help release the silver ion into cells when it enters the body, killing any cancer.”

All told, that’s probably the most positive article on silver the mainstream news media has published in recent years!

So it’s very heartening to see this kind of information on the healing benefits of silver being published by the mainstream media –

— even if it is in the stodgy British media, and not here in the U.S. where the environmentalist’s sensationalistic and misguided campaign against silver is getting all of the attention..   



More Interesting Studies…


Last year, in my article Colloidal Silver and Cancer, I wrote about several more of the most recent clinical lab studies demonstrating that nanosilver and colloidal silver are effective against certain types of cancer cells and tumors.

The article also contains a number of testimonials and anecdotal accounts regarding people who had used colloidal silver effectively against their own cancers.

What’s more, on the “Clinical Studies and Reports” page of web site…

…I’ve provided PDF copies of the following clinical studies (and one clinical white paper) demonstrating nanosilver and colloidal silver to be effective against cancer cells in the lab:





Dr. Robert O. Becker’s Unusual Discovery…


Of course, it was way back in the 1970’s and ‘80’s that Dr. Robert O. Becker, M.D., the famous pioneering researcher into the healing benefits of electrically generated silver ions…

…first discovered that under the right circumstances silver can actually change cancerous cells back into healthy cells.

In his laboratory, Dr. Becker generated silver ions directly into a cancer cell culture, using a machine very much like a modern colloidal silver generator that produced small, positive micro-amp currents of electricity.


Dr. Becker was able to cause the cancer cells to dedifferentiate, meaning they reverted to healthy primitive stem cells. 

These healthy primitive stem cells could then renew themselves through mitotic cell division and re-differentiate into specialized cell types.

In other words, if new heart cells were needed, they would become heart cells. If new prostate cells were needed, they would become prostate cells. And so on.


As Dr. Becker stated in chapter 8 of his bestselling book, The Body Electric:


“…we found that we could suspend mitosis in the fibrosarcoma cells with silver ions injected by minute levels of positive current.

 During one day of exposure, the cells appeared to dedifferentiate completely, and they stopped dividing for a month without additional treatment, even though we changed the nutrient medium regularly.

 Obviously, this entire subject needs to be investigated more thoroughly.”


This means the cancer cells not only stopped dividing and spreading,

but they also changed to non-cancerous cells 


Becker also stated, in his second best-selling book, Cross Currents, that a patient of his had a full recovery from cancer using this very same treatment:

“…we did find that some human cancer cells in culture appeared to dedifferentiate when exposed to these silver ions.

 I also had a patient with a severe, chronic bone infection who had an associated cancer in the wound.

 He refused amputation, which would have been the treatment of choice, and insisted that I treat his infection with the silver technique.

 After three months, the infection was under control, and the cancer cells in the wound appeared to have changed back to normal.

 When I last heard from him, eight years after the treatment, he was still fine.


Dr. Becker went on to explain that the key to his success in stopping cancer cells from dividing and spreading was in generating the silver ions directly into the cancer cells using very low currents of electricity. 


As Dr. Becker further stated in his book Cross Currents:


“It is important to realize that this is not simply an electrical effect, but the result of the combined action of the electrical voltage and the electrically generated silver ions. It is an electrochemical treatment.

 While we do not have firm evidence at this time, what probably happens is that the silver ion is shaped so as to connect with some receptor group on the surface of the cancer-cell membrane.

 After that connection is made, an electrical-charge transfer sends a signal to the nucleus of the cancer cell that activates the primitive-type genes, and the cell dedifferentiates.

 In that state it awaits instructions as to what it is to become.

…in this case the dedifferentiation is caused by the unexpected action of the positive silver ions.

 This technique obviously requires more study before any clinical use can be made of its antitumor effect.


However, it does appear to be a promising lead in an otherwise rather grim picture.”

So, while Becker’s method of using silver to cure cancer is quite different than what current medical researchers are doing…

…in that current researchers are using silver to kill cancer cells, whereas Becker used silver to revert cancer cells back to healthy cells…

…the very idea that silver could be effective against cancer has been around for a long time, and Dr. Becker is largely responsible for it.

Unfortunately, medical science unceremoniously dropped the ball on such research for well over 30 years since Becker’s original discoveries in the 1970’s and ‘80’s.   

* * *

An Idea Whose Time Has Come

But that’s what’s so exciting about seeing these more recent clinical studies being conducted on silver and cancer.

In spite of the fact that modern researchers seem to be a bit late to the table, the use of silver as a safe, reliable, low-side effect cancer treatment is definitely an idea whose time has come. 

* * *

As the author of the new study written up in the Daily Mail newspaper pointed out:

“This could lead to a cheaper, less toxic alternative to current treatments for cancer.

 …As many are unfortunately aware, chemotherapy can be a very grueling experience for the patient.

 Finding effective, yet non-toxic drugs is an ongoing problem, but these preliminary results are an important step in solving it.”

It’s certainly another fascinating line of research into the long suspected anti-cancer effects of silver.

And we can only hope the researchers continue with this line of medical research, for the benefit of all mankind.


‘Mad” Scientists confirm skies are being intentionally sprayed with toxic chemicals

‘Mad” Scientists confirm skies are being intentionally sprayed with toxic chemicals


In the documentary videos, What in the World Are They Spraying, and Why in the World are They Spraying?, scientists at a “geo-engineering” conference confirm chemtrails are not simply jet aircraft “contrails” (jet exhaust). What can you do when 10 metric tons of aluminum powder is sprayed over your area (10 to 20 million tons globally each year)? You can’t run, and you can’t hide from it. How can you get the toxic metals and chemicals out of your body? Internal cleansing with food, herbs, and supplements like Zeolites and Miracle Mineral Supplement  (MMS) becomes paramount, and necessary more frequently than in the past. Apparently well-meaning scientists discuss the development of engineering our atmosphere to “protect us” from global warming and radiation caused by pollution, rather than studying a return to natural living and cleaning up our planet naturally. Such insane viewpoints can only come from minds very disconnected from nature and themselves. Check out this picture of the sky in my back yard in Florida, full of dispersed chemtrails.

These are not natural cloud formations. You can see more pics, video, and info on chemtrails and atmospheric engineering at

Also, cultivated microbes such as Effective Microorganisms (EM) and mushrooms can break down toxins in soil and water, and our bodies. Scalar energy (ultra-high frequency subtle energy that heals) and other nondestructive energies found in nature can be used with superior results for communications, healing living organisms, and replacing the many types of damaging manmade electromagnetic energies. Living organisms use scalar and faster-than-light neutrino energy to communicate instantaneously (as when groups of birds and fish move as one). But for this to prevail, we as a planet must expand our consciousness to these new realities, and the religion of science must awaken to empirical truth rather than dogma, politics, and control.

Why in the World are They Spraying?

What in the World are They Spraying?

Study Shows that Change in Diet Alone — Not Drugs — is Curing Diseases


First of Its Kind Study Shows that Change in Diet Alone — Not Drugs — is Curing Diseases

Let medicine be thy food and let food be thy medicine.” – Hippocrates

Image result for fresh fruit and vegetables images

In the fourth century BCE, the most famous Greek physician made the bold claim that disease was caused naturally, not by the gods. Environment, diet and living habits all played a part in the health of a person. The tools and techniques of modern science have allowed us to uncover many secrets of nutrition. But we’re still just scratching the surface of the complex ways in which food compounds interact with the body.

 As Mat Edelson wrote for Hopkins Medicine, the rise of corporatism had a big influence on medicine.

“Big pharma was scarce with cash, because they can’t patent a food’s natural properties. And from a practical viewpoint, studying food with its thousands of chemicals and nutrients is incredibly complex. By comparison, targeting and studying a single drug for efficacy in a double-blind model was far more straightforward and lucrative to both researchers and industry.”

Granted, some pharmaceutical products have given a better quality of life to many people, but the singular focus of making a pill to treat disease has come at the cost of virtually ignoring food as medicine.

Dr. David Suskind, a gastroenterologist at Seattle Children’s, is breaking the mold. Suskind has produced the first clinical evidence that food can indeed be medicine.

“In a first-of-its-kind-study led by Suskind, published today in the Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology, diet alone was shown to bring pediatric patients with active Crohn’s and [ulcerative colitis] into clinical remission

In the small, prospective study, patients were put on a special diet called the specific carbohydrate diet (SCD) for 12 weeks as the sole intervention to treat their Crohn’s or UC. SCD is a nutritionally balanced diet that removes grains, dairy, processed foods and sugars, except for honey. The diet promotes only natural, nutrient-rich foods, which includes vegetables, fruits, meats and nuts.

Image result for children fresh fruit and vegetables images

At the end of the 12 weeks, eight out of the 10 patients who finished the study showed significant improvement and achieved remission from the dietary treatment alone.”


This changes the paradigm for how we may choose to treat children with inflammatory bowel disease,” Suskind said.

Image result for children fresh fruit and vegetables images

More studies will need to be done for confirmation, but these results will certainly draw attention for researchers willing to step outside of the pharmaceutical model.

Food as medicine may prove to have applications outside of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), as many diseases may be related to chronic inflammation. For example, the charred meat prevalent in American diets is associated with prostate inflammation which can lead to prostate cancer.

“Each person’s disease is unique, just as each person is unique,” said Suskind. “SCD is another tool in our tool belt to help treat these patients. It may not be the best treatment option for everyone, but it is an effective treatment for those who wish to try a dietary therapy.”

The report from Seattle Children’s highlights the story of 11-year-old Adelynne Kittelson, diagnosed with Crohn’s disease at age eight. The usual course for patients is steroids and medications that suppress the immune system, doing nothing to treat the underlying issue of the microbiome causing the immune system to attack the bowel. This pharma treatment also brings the potential for life-long side effects.

After months of uncertainty about Adelynne’s worsening, painful condition, she was finally brought to Dr. Suskind who diagnosed the problem as Crohn’s disease. He offered various treatment options, including the SCD diet. Adelynne’s mother didn’t want her to have life-long side effects from medication, so she opted for the unique dietary approach offered by Seattle Children’s.

“Today, Adelynne has been in clinical remission for more than two years. She’s a healthy, happy and thriving 11-year-old girl.

“I can’t believe how far we’ve come. When we first walked into Seattle Children’s, she was an 8-year-old girl who was barely heavier than our 4-year-old. Now, she’s growing and foods are no longer an enemy.”

Adjusting to the strict requirements of the SCD approach was difficult at first, but the lifestyle of natural, nutrient-rich foods is now second nature.

Image result for children fresh fruit and vegetables images

This approach to treating illness is anathema to Big Pharma, which thrives as people pop more pills. Diet, exercise and being fully informed have no value to the corporatocracy.

For decades or longer, medicine has said diet doesn’t matter, that it doesn’t impact disease,” Dr. Suskind said. “Now we know that diet does have an impact, a strong impact. It works, and now there’s evidence.


Some really healthy helpers helpers


Silver Coated Wall Panels for Hospitals Stop (deadly infectious) MRSA

Silver Coated Wall Panels for Hospitals Stop MRSA


Definition of MRSA

By Mayo Clinic Staff  


Image result for MRSA images 


Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) infection is caused by a type of staph bacteria that’s become

resistant to many of the antibiotics used to treat ordinary staph infections.

Most MRSA infections occur in people who’ve been in hospitals or other health care settings, such as nursing homes and dialysis centers.

When it occurs in these settings, it’s known as health care-associated MRSA (HA-MRSA). HA-MRSA infections typically

are associated with invasive procedures or devices, such as surgeries, intravenous tubing or artificial joints.

 Another type of MRSA infection has occurred in the wider community — among healthy people.

This form, community-associated MRSA (CA-MRSA), often begins as a painful skin boil.

It’s spread by skin-to-skin contact. At-risk populations include groups such as high school wrestlers, child care workers and people who live in crowded conditions.


Knowing that hospital-acquired MRSA infections kill between 15,000 and 19,000 patients a year, wouldn’t you feel safer going into a hospital that uses wall and ceiling panels coated with MRSA-killing antimicrobial silver nanoparticles?

I know I would. After all, it’s well-known that the deadly MRSA pathogen colonizes hospital walls, ceilings and other surfaces, and can easily infect patients with open wounds.

In fact, I’ve argued for years now that hospitals need to start employing antimicrobial silver far more liberally than they have been. Perhaps now, with this new innovation from Germany, they’ll finally begin to do so. Here’s the story…


Related image


Hi, Steve Barwick here, for The Silver Edge…

According to the June 2015 issue of Silver News, a German company called Lamilux has invented wall panels coated with silver nanoparticles.

The fiber-reinforced plastic wall panels can easily be installed on the walls of hospital operating rooms, similar to the way tiles are laid on a floor.

The goal is to help prevent MRSA growth and other forms of bacterial contamination, which are common in operating rooms and which infect up to 94,000 hospital patients every year. News sources claim approximately 20% of the MRSA infections that go blood-borne result in the deaths of the patients, meaning these new panels have the potential to help stop approximately 18,000 hospital-caused deaths every year.

Clinical Trials in Germany

According to the Silver News, the new panels (i.e., wall tiles) are now undergoing clinical trials in Germany to see how effective they are. They wrote:

“Lamilux Composites GmbH of Rehau, Germany, is offering a fiber-reinforced plastic material with a nanosilver coating that company officials say mitigates germs within a few hours.

Initially developed as a wall coating for hospital operating rooms, the company’s AntiBac product was developed with Rent-a-Scientist, a Regensburg-based company that specializes in nanosilver research.

With the rise of multi-resistant germs in hospitals, sometimes lethal to patients, Lamilux officials note that one in particular — methycillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus or MRSA — appears regularly in operating rooms and can cause wound infections and respiratory inflammation that can lead to death. MRSA is resistant to many drugs.

Related image


In addition to clinical use, AntiBac can be used in the food industry in refrigerated warehouses, cold stores and refrigerated vehicles as well as in processing areas and slaughter houses, according to company officials.

The new composite is being tested at the Asklepios Clinic in Bad Abbach, Germany, where some parts of operating room walls have been covered with the anti-bacterial panels.”

The Lamilux company website claims the silver-coated panels represent, “…a new technologically-advanced composite material: a fibre-reinforced plastic, on the surface of which a nanosilver coating gives it an antibacterial effect and kills germs within just a few hours.”


Image result for MRSA images


Lamilux goes on to explain the reason for the development of the new silver-coated panels:

“Multi-resistant germs pose a major threat in hospitals and could be fatal for patients.

Clinics therefore permanently face the challenge of preventing the occurrence of dangerous hospital germs with targeted preventive and emergency hygiene measures.

…The new antibacterial LAMILUX material can in the future be used as wall and ceiling panels…it has been scientifically proven that dangerous germs die within a few hours.

In addition to clinical use, there are also numerous areas of application for the high-tech material, mainly in the food industry, where high hygiene standards need to be maintained and sterility is paramount.

…The material is being trialed in practice at the Asklepios Clinic in Bad Abbach, Germany. In some parts of the operating room, the walls have been covered with the anti-infective panels.”

Related Stories

Of course, this is not the first time antimicrobial silver has been employed to help staunch the epidemic of hospital-acquired MRSA infections.


Image result for MRSA images


According to the Colloidal Silver Cures MRSA website, “…hospitals in Britain have been testing pajamas and bed linen made of a special fabric that is impregnated with silver, as a means of stopping the spread of MRSA dead in its tracks…Over the course of the next year, the specially created fabrics are being used at the Lister Hospital in the city of Stevenage, in Hertfordshire, England.”

Says Dr. Peter Wilson, a consulting microbiologist for the above hospital, “A successful trial would transform the way we tackle certain infections, particularly MRSA…Silver is known to be a very efficient agent against infection and also very safe. These trials will mean we can prove its effectiveness.”

The Colloidal Silver Cures MRSA website also points out that according to the British newspaper, The Sun, “…a $250,000 machine has been developed to spray a special aerosol silver mist throughout British hospitals, in order to stop the spread of the deadly MRSA super pathogens.”



The Sun newspaper went on to state:

“Experts have long known silver is deadly to the superbug and is highly toxic to some other bacteria as well.

It is already used in plasters and hospital dressings. But now medics from Leicester University have created a generator that divides pieces of silver into billions of tiny particles.

It then suspends them in liquid glycerol to be put into aerosols. The particles are small enough to pass inside bacteria but do not kill human cells.



The $250,000 machine’s inventor, Professor Chris Binns, said medical trials will start within the year. He also believes the silver ‘bullets’ produced by his machine could be used to fight HIV.”

You might also want to read through some of the following articles on related topics:

· Laminate Wood Flooring Treated With Colloidal Silver Destroys Up to 98.9% of Bacteria, and Even Keeps Cockroaches at Bay

· Scottish Firm Develops Colloidal Silver Anti-MRSA Soap for Hospitals

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Image result for hospital ward baby images clipart


· Colloidal Silver and Airborne MRSA Pathogens

· Colloidal Silver and Hospital-Acquired Infections: What You Can Do to Protect Yourself!

Of course, experienced colloidal silver users have known for years that safe, simple colloidal silver – which can be purchased in just about any well-stocked health food store, or even made at home with a colloidal silver generator — not only kills the MRSA pathogen, but can be used to help heal just about any bacterial, viral or fungal infection.


· For over 100 articles on colloidal silver’s profound infection-fighting qualities, see the Colloidal Silver Update page.

· To view over 100 clinical studies and medical white papers documenting colloidal silver’s astonishing ability to kill pathogens and heal infectious diseases, see the Colloidal Silver Clinical Studies page.

· Finally, to learn how thousands of experienced colloidal silver users are healing their own infections with colloidal silver, see the Colloidal Silver Testimonials page.


Those three web pages contain more good information on the healing and infection-fighting qualities of colloidal silver than you’ll find anywhere else on the internet. But if you want more, be sure to check out the Colloidal Silver Videos page, as well, for nearly two dozen “how to” videos on making and using colloidal silver.

Colloidal Silver for Colitis and Other Inflammatory Bowel Diseases

Colloidal Silver for Colitis and Other Inflammatory Bowel Diseases

Inflammatory bowel diseases including various forms of colitis seem to be becoming endemic in the population.

 The CDC estimates, for example, that some 1.3 million people in the U.S. alone now suffer from colitis and other inflammatory bowel diseases, and that between nine and 12 people per every 100,000 people per year end up with inflammatory bowel disease in the U.S. 

 Colitis can be acute, but self-limiting.  Or it can be chronic, which is to say, persistent and ongoing. 

What’s more, it can be triggered or exacerbated by infections such as E. coli, Salmonella, C. difficile, Shigella spp, Yersinia enterocolitis, Aeromonas spp, or Campylobacter (which is associated with an eight to 10 times higher risk of developing ulcerative colitis), or certain intestinal parasites. 

 Additionally, it can be associated with autoimmune or genetic factors.


 Is colloidal silver helpful for colitis and other inflammatory bowel diseases?  Here’s what we know so far…


Hi, Steve Barwick here, for The Silver Edge

I’m continually asked whether or not colloidal silver might be an effective remedy for the various forms of colitis and the painful flare-ups involved.

Unfortunately, there are to my knowledge zero clinical studies demonstrating silver to be effective against colitis or other inflammatory bowel and intestinal diseases.

However, a number of people have posted online that they‘ve found colloidal silver to be very helpful for these types of conditions. For example, this individual recently wrote on the Colloidal Silver Secrets Community on Facebook:
“I discovered the beneficial use of colloidal silver (in combination with cold-pressed aloe vera juice) for ulcerative colitis many years ago after reading an article that claimed it is caused by an intestinal infection called mycobacterium paratuberculosis gotten by ingesting tainted dairy or meat.


“My husband suffered for years with it, was hospitalized for weeks at a time twice. Treatment didn’t work for him and he came real close to death once. When he felt an attack coming on I encouraged him to try the colloidal silver and aloe combination and it worked. He hasn’t had an attack since.”


Previously, I posted an article on Colloidal Silver and Crohn’s Disease to The Silver Edge website, which includes several lengthy testimonials from Crohn’s sufferers who found profound relief after using colloidal silver.


If you suffer from Crohn’s disease, you might want to read it.


What About Colitis?

Over the years I’ve also received a small handful of testimonials (anecdotal accounts) from people suffering from various forms of colitis.  Here’s one of the latest:


I have ulcerative colitis and it has proven to be successful in ending flare-ups by using colloidal silver in an enema. I also use it as a cleaning agent in the kitchen & bathroom.  Thank you for providing the endless opportunities and uses for your product.” 

— Philip S., Littlerock, CA


That’s interesting, because the gentleman is apparently gaining relief from colitis flare-ups by using colloidal silver rectally.

However, since I’ve never used colloidal silver rectally, I can’t comment with any degree of authority on this particular usage beyond what the anecdotal account above states.


Another colitis sufferer posted something similar on the website.  She wrote:


I was diagnosed with UC five years ago at the age of 24. According to the colonoscopy 70% of my colon was inflamed and full of ulcers…”


[She went on to describe how she’d used Vitamin E enemas of up to 8,000 IUs per day for about two weeks to help stop the flare-ups and provide relief.  They worked at first, but later stopped working.  So she switched to colloidal silver after reading that pathogenic microbes might be at the root of her problem.  And the colloidal silver treatment did the trick.  Here’s what she wrote:]

“The only thing I could think of at this point that I hadn’t tried for ulcerative colitis was colloidal silver. I had come across it while researching other things and had bought it for treating flu. It did help with flu and my mother was especially happy as it was the first thing that stopped her lip herpes from coming out.

 “Having done micro-enemas, I decided to try micro-enemas with colloidal silver.

For 1 week, I used approximately 25 ml of colloidal silver after bowel movements. Lied down for 15 min to ensure it stays in…

 “After 3 days my stool got harder and bigger and there was no blood. I thought this is probably the bacteria in my intestines being killed…

 “By the 7th day I could barely go to the toilet and it really hurt. I stopped and started drinking kefir twice a day. 3-4 days later my stools started going back to normal. Still no blood or mucus.

 “I ate the foods that previously affected me and even drank a bit of alcohol on two occasions (less than half a glass though). Nothing!

 “After a month and a half I took my stool to test for occult blood which had been positive since I was diagnosed. They tested it three times and found no occult blood.

 “Now I eat normally. I do eat healthy but I eat without thinking though somewhat cautious. I decided to do another 7 days of colloidal silver just to ensure that there is nothing that should be dead but isn’t. It’s second day and my stool was already harder than yesterday.

 “This time I am taking olive leaf extract instead of wild oregano oil which is another natural antibiotic.

 “It’s the first time in the past 12 months that there is no blood or mucus. I was constantly on and off.

 “I don’t claim to have been cured or anything but if there is anyone out there willing to give it a shot, I am really interested and hopeful to see if they get the same results as me.

 “I think just colloidal silver enema will be more than enough. Make sure to supplement it with a probiotic afterwards. I really hope it will help someone out there.  25 ml, once a day with an enema syringe or whatever else you find.”


When asked to explain more about how she gave herself the colloidal silver enemas, she wrote as follows:


Well to be honest I just used a dropper I had from another liquid vitamin bottle that I’d finished. I washed that with hot water (no soap) and used it.

 “You can definitely use a baby nasal syringe or something similar. I bought a 200ml bottle of colloidal silver from Higher Nature, but I believe any brand will work.  I just found this one and divided it into approximate 25 ml doses over 8 days right after my bowel movement.

 “It should take about 5 minutes max and then you must lie on your left side for about 15 minutes. Also, I’d suggest using some Vaseline on the tip of the dropper or syringe you are going to use.

 “In the afternoon or evening I drank kefir but you can take a probiotic if that works for you.


Another ulcerative colitis sufferer wrote:

I tried the colloidal silver enema in the morning for two weeks now. It has helped reduce the bleeding by about 30%. It did not completely alleviate it as it did with you but at least it’s move in the right direction so I’ll continue for a while.”

And another ulcerative colitis sufferer who tried this same method wrote:

I wanted to give you an update. The vit E enemas turned out to be a dead end so I moved on to the colloidal silver enemas. I did not get the rapid results you did, and ended up doing 2 weeks.

 By the end of the two weeks, the blood was 90% gone which is great but still no full remission. The good news is I have maintained this level even after stopping the enemas.”

So the colloidal silver enema technique clearly works better for some colitis sufferers than for others.  And this may have a lot to do with whether or not an active infection is involved in the disease process.

Colloidal silver, of course, is a well-known natural antimicrobial substance, considered by some to be the most powerful natural infection-fighting agent in the world.

But in cases where the ulcerative colitis might be originating from genetic or auto-immune factors, then silver’s well-known anti-inflammatory properties might still provide at least some relief since inflammation is such a large part of the disease process.

Most of the people using colloidal silver enemas for colitis say that afterwards they’d also supplement with a good probiotic supplement, or with natural probiotic foods like yogurt, homemade kefir or even sour cabbage (i.e., fermented veggies).



According to an article titled “10 Top Items for Addressing Ulcerative Colitis Naturally,” which appeared on and was written by our old friend and investigative reporter Tony Isaacs:


Colloidal silver combined with probiotics can be very effective against ulcerative colitis.


Colloidal silver helps eliminate bad intestinal bacteria as well as any other pathogens which have invaded the affected areas.


Colloidal silver also aids healing.


Since colloidal silver may also eliminate beneficial bacteria, it is essential to take probiotics separate from the colloidal silver.


Probiotics are themselves among the most popular inflammatory bowel disease remedies.


Friendly bacteria that reside in the gut help manage ulcerative colitis because they help control the number of potentially harmful bacteria, reduce inflammation, and improve the protective mucus lining of the gut.


A University of Alberta study found that probiotic supplementation of 3,600 billion bacteria a day for 6 weeks resulted in 53 percent of the patients having remission and another 24 percent having noticeable improvement.”


What Tony’s talking about in his article is the theory of competitive inhibition.  After you use colloidal silver to get rid of the pathogens, you want to restore the levels of beneficial microbes in your intestinal tract through probiotic supplementation.


In other words, the good bacteria tend to outcompete any disease-causing microbes that might still be in the intestinal tract, keeping them from forming large colonies, spreading and exacerbating the colitis condition.


What the Experts Are Saying


In an older edition of Dr. Balch’s bestselling book, Prescriptions for Natural Healing, he wrote (in the section describing various health conditions that respond favorably to colloidal silver usage) that silver could be used both orally or “applied topically” for ulcerative colitis.  He stated, on page 667:

Ulcerative Colitis – “A natural broad-spectrum antiseptic that fights infection, subdues inflammation, and promotes healing. Can be taken by mouth or applied topically.”

Colitis is also mentioned as one of the conditions for which colloidal silver had been found useful before the advent of prescription antibiotic drugs.


See, for example, this list of 109 different infections and diseases for which colloidal silver was used by doctors back in the early 1900’s.

And There’s More…

What’s more, Alfred Searle, in his circa 1920’s book, The Use of Colloids in Health and Disease, wrote that taking colloidal silver orally can be helpful for colitis as well as for other bowel and intestinal inflammatory conditions.  Searles stated:

“Taken internally, the particles of colloidal silver are resistant to the action of dilute acids and alkalies of the stomach and consequently…pass into the intestine unchanged. The importance of this is obvious in such conditions as ulcerative urticaria…dermatitis… dysentery, diarrhea and colitis.”

Finally, the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine mentioned colitis in one of their bulletins, explaining that it’s one of the conditions colloidal silver has been helpful against in the past.  They wrote:

Among the conditions colloidal silver has controlled are severe burns, acne, boils, candida and yeast infections, chronic fatigue syndrome, digestive problems and colitis… however these uses of colloidal silver are not clinically proven.”


And that’s the issue:


Colloidal silver has not been clinically proven for any medical treatment.  But some people suffering from inflammatory bowel diseases have indeed found it to be of benefit.  That might make it worth trying, just to see.


However, from a strictly layman’s point-of-view, I’d recommend that if you have colitis and you choose to try oral doses of colloidal silver, you start small, using only typical mineral supplementation doses (i.e., only a teaspoonful several times a day at first) to make sure it doesn’t irritate the issue.


Everybody’s biologically different.  What helps one person might not help another.  And there are always rare subsets of people who don’t handle nutritional supplements well, or whose conditions might be exacerbated by a supplement.


By starting small, you can judge whether or not there’s any relief, and titrate the dosage upwards, gradually, a teaspoon full at a time, until the best relief is found.


You might also want to obtain a copy of the 30-page Colloidal Silver Safe Dosage Report, which is available FREE by email, and which explains how to determine your maximum safe daily dosage rate based on your body weight and the ppm of the colloidal silver product you’re using.


And of course, if you’re adventurous, you might consider trying the colloidal silver enemas, as described above by people who have successfully used them.


Finally, since the various forms of colitis are very serious conditions, should you decide to try colloidal silver you should definitely let your specialist know what you’re doing.  That way, he (or she) can monitor your progress.

Colloidal Silver Pet Benefits

15 Healing, Money-Saving Colloidal Silver Pet Benefits


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Pets enhance the lives of their owners in many ways, giving comfort and joy as they become part of the very family unit itself.

Properly cared for, your pets can give you years of love, pleasure and service. But keeping them healthy can be time-consuming and expensive.

That’s why every pet owner needs to know about the astonishing healing and infection-fighting qualities of colloidal silver, and how it can be such an unexpected boon to both pet health and to your wallet, as well…



Hi, Steve Barwick here, for The Silver Edge…

Having colloidal silver on hand can save you tons of money by preventing unnecessary visits to the vet when your pet has a cut, burn, scratch or minor infection.

That’s because colloidal silver is a natural liquid mineral supplement that just happens to have some powerful healing and infection-fighting qualities. It not only heals infections, and prevents cuts, burns and scratches from becoming infected, but it also boosts immunity and helps reduce inflammation.

If you’re new to colloidal silver usage, be sure to read the short article, A Colloidal Silver Primer, for a quick overview of its many well-known healing benefits for humans. Believe it or not, those very same healing benefits apply to animals, as well.

Safe for Animals?

In just a moment we’ll take a look at 15 different ways colloidal silver can be used to enhance the health and well-being of your pets and save BIG money in veterinarian bills at the same time. But first, let’s take a quick look at the issue of safety:

Is colloidal silver safe for animals? Yes. In fact, the most recent clinical research demonstrates that colloidal silver is perfectly safe for animals even when used in very high concentrations for short periods of time.

For example, in a clinical study titled “An Evaluation of Acute Toxicity of Colloidal Silver Nanoparticles,” researchers tested mice for acute oral toxicity, eye irritation, corrosion and dermal toxicity in relationship to exposure to silver. Surprisingly, they found that even at extremely high levels of 2,000 ppm (a normal concentration is 10-20 ppm), no harm was found.

The researchers wrote, “…these findings suggest that colloidal silver nanoparticles could be relatively safe when administered to oral, eye and skin of the animal models for short periods of time.”

In another clinical study on animals, titled “Genotoxicity, Acute Oral and Dermal Toxicity, Eye and Dermal Irritation and Corrosion, and Skin Sensitization Evaluation of Silver Nanoparticles,” researchers found that colloidal silver nanoparticles, even at relatively high concentrations, do not induce cell toxicity, genotoxicity or abnormal signs of mortality in animals.

In fact, there was no oral or dermal toxicity. There was no acute eye or dermal irritation of corrosion, and extremely low skin sensitization. In other words, whether the silver was used internally or topically, it showed no signs of toxicity or harm.

The bottom line is that the safety profile of colloidal silver for animals – like humans — is quite good, even when higher concentrations are being used for short periods of time.

15 Healing, Money-Saving
Colloidal Silver Pet Benefits

Here are 15 specific ways you can use colloidal silver on your pets to keep them healthier than ever, and save money, to boot:

#1: Keep Pet Foods Fresher And Longer With Colloidal Silver — If you’re familiar with safe, natural colloidal silver and it’s many uses, you probably already know that people often spray it on their household food and mix it in, in order to extend the shelf life of the food. Try it on cottage cheese, for example – a few sprays of colloidal silver mixed into the cottage cheese has been known to keep it fresh in the fridge nearly twice as long as usual. You can even mix an ounce of colloidal silver into a quart of milk, shake it up, put it back in the fridge, and realistically double its shelf-life (see Colloidal Silver Doubles Shelf-Life of Milk, Say Researchers) thanks to silver’s ability to stop food spoilage germs from multiplying as quickly as they otherwise would.

But it’s not just for human foods. It works on pet food too. Many pet owners say their canned pet food lasts twice as long before spoiling. They simply mix a teaspoon full of 10 ppm colloidal silver into the canned pet food to help prevent it from getting dried out and turning brown so quickly. It works by dramatically slowing the growth of spoilage bacteria and thus keeping the pet food fresher, longer.

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You can also use a simple pump spray bottle to spray some colloidal silver over your pet’s dry food in order to extend its shelf life and reduce bacterial growth. After spraying the dry food with colloidal silver, mix it around thoroughly and allow it to air dry.

The added benefit to spraying your pet’s food with colloidal silver to help keep it fresher, longer, is that your pets will ingest a little bit of silver each day, as well, which will help keep them healthier and infection-free. As one pet owner wrote to tell us:

“My pet tabby, Samantha, had grown lethargic and no longer wanted to play. Being only four years old, I grew a bit worried for her.

I mentioned it to my neighbor, who’s also a cat lover. Thankfully, she told me about adding a little bit of colloidal silver to her cat’s canned food each day to help keep it fresher. She said that in addition to the pet food lasting twice a long before spoiling, she’d noted a decided positive difference in her cat’s health and well-being after she began adding the colloidal silver.

So I decided to try the same thing with Samantha. Boy, am I glad I did. Within three days of adding colloidal silver to her cat food, she was strutting around the house again like she owned the place.

I can only imagine that she was suffering from a hidden stomach infection, and the addition of silver to her pet food cleared it up. Now she gets a little bit of colloidal silver in her pet food or her water bowl every day.” – L.K., Terrence, MO

The bottom line is that adding a little bit of colloidal silver to your pets food will help keep it from spoiling as quickly, thus preventing waste and saving you money. And the added benefit is that your pet will be healthier and less prone to infection and disease.


#2: Keep Your Pet’s Water Bowl Disinfected With Colloidal Silver — Even the early pioneers knew the benefit of silver for keeping water fresh. That’s why, on long journeys, they always threw a silver dollar into the water barrel to keep the water from going bad. The ancient Romans drank out of silver vessels for the same reason. And even today, NASA is using colloidal silver on the Space Shuttle as a means of disinfecting the astronaut’s drinking water on long space journeys and preventing it from going bad.

So naturally, it works in pet water too. Add a teaspoonful to a tablespoonful per day of 10 ppm colloidal silver to your pet’s regular water bowl. It will keep the water fresher and purer – far longer — by keeping it from becoming contaminated with potentially harmful microbes.

As one reader recently stated:

“Our long-haired dog drops food particles and sand from his beard into his water bowl every time he drinks. So we add a tablespoon of colloidal silver each time we change out his water.

It keeps the water crystal clear for at least double the usual time. Even when the food particles accumulate in the drinking water, we know the water will still be safe for our dogs to drink until we change it out again.”


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As an aside, here’s a tip from an experienced colloidal silver user who cured her dog’s mouth infection by adding colloidal silver to the water bowl:

Because I live alone, I decided now was a good time to get a house companion. I now have a 4 ½ lb. AKC registered Papillion. She was mostly grown when I got her and no problems until recently, when she developed a mouth infection.

After many trips to the vet’s office, all of her teeth were pulled except 3 eye teeth. Her mouth was so sore and swollen. The vet wanted to put her on antibiotics. It’s impossible to give pills to a tiny dog with such a sore mouth.

So I picked up all her water dishes and only gave her colloidal silver to drink. After a week, I gave her regular water during the day, but colloidal silver at night for another few days.

It’s been a couple weeks now and she is back to normal doing fine. Without the colloidal silver, I know I would not have her today.” — F. Hogan, Rockford, IL

In short, adding colloidal silver to your pet’s water bowl is a simple way to keep the water fresher and fully disinfected for at least twice as long. And it can provide amazing healing benefits to your pet, as well.

#3: Keep Pet Bedding Disinfected With Colloidal Silver — Your pet mats, mattresses and blankets are among the most “germy” articles in your home. In fact, over the course of time, dust and dirt that can accumulate on pet bedding will mix with pet dander, hair, body oils, saliva and other pet fluids (i.e., squirts, leaks, etc.) and act as perfect mediums for the growth and spread of potentially harmful bacteria.

Naturally, you can either machine or hand-wash your pet bedding. But let’s face it: As much as we all love our pets, we often forget to wash and clean their bedding as often as we should. And that leaves us (and our pets) wide open to the spread of infectious microbes in the home.

Thankfully, between washings, you can slow down the growth and spread of microbes on your pet’s mats, mattresses and blankets simply by spraying them with a little bit of colloidal silver. Just add colloidal silver to a pump spray bottle, and very lightly “mist” your pet’s bedding once every two or three days, allowing the bedding items to air dry afterwards. The added silver will go to work killing microbes and thus preventing them from being spread throughout your home. Colloidal silver will also deodorize your pet bedding as it disinfects it of potentially harmful microbes.

Because colloidal silver has been demonstrated in clinical study after clinical study to be anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral, using it on pet mats, mattresses and blankets will not only help curtail the growth and spread of such microbes in your home, but will also help prevent infectious illness from spreading to your animals and your family.

Spraying your pet’s bedding with colloidal silver will also help deter mold and fungus from growing in your pet’s sleeping area.

Two added tips: Naturally, if you have a cat, be sure to spray the litter box each day with colloidal silver to help neutralize any microbial growth and buildup (and to keep the smell down). And no matter which kind of pet you have, if that pet has toys you should spray them lightly with colloidal silver as well, from time-to-time, in order to help stop unwanted microbes from colonizing and spreading.

#4: Clear Up Ear Infections In Pets With Colloidal Silver — Clearing up ear infections in pets is easy, thanks to colloidal silver. You can see how people use colloidal silver to stop earaches and infections in the short video at this link. The very same principle works for pets, as well.

As one experienced colloidal silver user told us: “I have a Golden Retriever that will develop ear infections every summer due to excessive swimming. In the past I would treat him with medicine from the vet. He basically would be on this medicine all summer since we have our own pool, and would swim almost every day. Now I treat him with Colloidal Silver! “After he’s done swimming for the day, I put 3-4 drops into each ear, massage the base of his ear for a minute or two, and then let him shake his head. It has worked. No more infections!”

Another user had this to say: “I gave some Colloidal Silver to a co-worker because his dog continually would get ear infections, and he couldn’t afford the medication from the vet. His dog no longer gets ear infections. He takes a Q-tip with Colloidal Silver on it and rubs it in the dog’s ear. I think he does this 1x per month.”

I’ve personally seen colloidal silver work when sprayed on dog’s ears that get infected from excessive scratching. Simply putting some colloidal silver into a pump spray bottle and lightly “misting” the inside and outside of the ear with colloidal silver three or four times a day not only relieves the itching, but the skin seems to heal up like magic, as well.

In another instance, a pet owner who noticed a “terrible odor” in his dog’s ears began simply giving colloidal silver to his dog in its water bowl, to drink. He wrote of his results:

“We have a golden retriever that could barely walk a year ago, limping and could not climb stairs to get back in the house, terrible odor in his ears.

I suspected it might be a fungus so I started putting about four ounces of homemade colloidal silver in his water dish, in about a week or so he was like a new dog.

He is about nine …now and other than being overweight he is in good shape. Also anytime we start to show signs of getting a cold we take a shot of colloidal silver and no cold.” — Jeff S.

With results like this, it seems likely that you could treat most any pet’s ear infections with colloidal silver. (Always check with your veterinarian, first, of course.)

#5: Treat Eye Infections In Pets With Colloidal Silver — Any pet, especially outdoor pets, are susceptible to eye infections. And of course, treating an eye infection in a pet can be expensive. But not so with colloidal silver. One cat owner had this to say about her cat’s occasional bouts with eye infections:

“Eye infections, due to irritants or a scratched eye, can be common with cats. I use an eyedropper to put 1-2 drops of colloidal silver in their eye. I do this 2 times a day for 2-3 days (longer if needed). Their eye will be noticeably better after only 1 treatment!”

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Another long-time colloidal silver user wrote to say: “My cat had an eye infection. I put colloidal silver drops in it twice a day and I put a bowl of colloidal silver beside her water dish. I saw her drinking from the colloidal silver bowl several times. I am very happy to say her eye infection is cured. She didn’t even fight when I put the drops in her eye. (I tried it in my eyes first and it seems to sooth them).”– Carol W

Here’s how one lady used colloidal silver to cure her kittens of eye infections they were born with:

“One of the uses that we use colloidal silver for is on our cats. We have outside cats that have never seen a vet. Before colloidal silver was being used their health was marginal. Kittens in the past would have these serious eye infections shortly after birth.

But by using colloidal silver spray on the two most recent litters of kittens, the eye infections were under control on the 1st group (they were born just before we got our colloidal silver generator) and the second, most recent litter, there were no infections at all.

We started spraying their eyes about 2 weeks after birth. B.T.W., the females are spayed now — no more litters — but we use CS in all of the cats food (about a tbsp. per bowl) twice a day. They are looking great!!!!!”

Another user said: “I have used colloidal silver to clear up feline herpes in a cat’s eyes, and have prevented infection from countless cuts, post surgery, and for other injuries sustained during daily life. It is the safest and best antibiotic, anti-fungal, anti-viral that I have ever used, as opposed to the pricey, worthless, side effects loaded junk that the pharmaceutical companies promote. So, if anyone has any doubt about using natural colloidal silver in place of chemicals, think again. This works, with zero side effects.”

And finally, another pet owner wrote to say, “If my dogs get weepy red eyes, I put a couple of drops of colloidal silver in each eye 3 times a day, and wipe each eye with a fresh swab soaked in colloidal silver. You will notice an improvement immediately, but do this for 3 days and it will be cleared.”

The bottom line is that experienced colloidal silver users know how to use colloidal silver to take care of their pets. And this can save a ton in veterinarian bills while helping resolve pet infections quickly and effectively.

#6: Treat Cuts, Scratches And Wounds With Colloidal Silver — Pets are especially prone to cuts, scratches and other small wounds that can quickly become infected. Once infected, a costly visit to the vet and weeks of treatment with topical and oral antibiotics is the usual protocol. But a much less expensive alternative is colloidal silver. It will treat the cuts and scratches naturally, without the potential for unintended consequences so prevalent with potentially toxic prescription antibiotic drugs. And it will help prevent infection from ever setting in.

As one pet owner reported: “Our dog tangled with a bear. Its eye was bloody – we sprayed colloidal silver – within minutes she was prancing around the barn as if nothing had ever happened.”

Another reader uses colloidal silver on all her pets, and she says it always surpasses the results she expects when used to help heal wounds on horses, dogs and cats. She wrote, “I was dealing with some awful wounds with the animals and colloidal silver was so incredibly effective with the healing process.”

Another enthusiastic pet owner wrote:

If I, or any of my animals, ever get cut or scratched I put colloidal silver on it, and usually by the next day healing has begun.

One of my horses foundered and the infection was so bad in his feet that pus was coming from around the corna band. I used colloidal silver daily on that area. It was just amazing how the colloidal silver helped the infection.


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Finally, I also give colloidal silver to a friend of mine that has 75 horses. She uses it when any of her horses get bit, kicked, or cut. She loves it. She doesn’t have to call a vet, and I get to help out a friend.”

According to the clinical researchers behind a study titled “Topical Delivery of Silver Nanoparticles Promotes Wound Healing,” published in the medical journal ChemMedChem, “We investigated the wound-healing properties of silver nanoparticles in an animal model and found that rapid healing and improved cosmetic appearance occur in a dose-dependent manner…we showed that silver nanoparticles exert positive effects through their antimicrobial properties, reduction in wound inflammation, and modulation of fibrogenic cytokines.”

In other words, in a clinical study of animal wounds treated with colloidal silver, the silver promoted rapid healing, improved the appearance of the wound site, killed microbes and reduced inflammation all at the same time.

Generally, colloidal silver can simply be put into a pump spray bottle and sprayed lightly onto cuts, scrapes and other wounds four or five times a day.

If you feel you need to bandage a wound, gauze bandages can be soaked in colloidal silver – or just lightly sprayed with colloidal silver – and applied over wounds that are a little more serious than a simple cut or scratch. Pet owners say such bandages should be changed out at least three times a day.

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#7: Treat Fleas With Colloidal Silver — One of the more unusual testimonials came from a reader who found that colloidal silver helped with fleas. She wrote: “I started putting a small amount of colloidal silver into the water bowl my dog and cat drink out of. Funny thing happened. They don’t have fleas! I would normally be forced to use the strong, spot-on flea pesticides early in the spring but I haven’t used any at all this year. It’s almost unbelievable, but it works!

With my own pets, I’ve found that you can even squelch active flea outbreaks with colloidal silver. Simply put some 20 ppm colloidal silver and into a pump spray bottle. Spray your pet’s fur and skin, rubbing it gently into the fur and skin as you spray. Do this three times per day and before you know it, fleas will be gone. Not only that, but it brings massive relief to the pet because the colloidal silver helps stop the itching from the flea bites.


#8: Treat Dog Ear Mites With Colloidal Silver — Among the numerous ways readers use colloidal silver is to treat ear mites. Like fleas, ear mites don’t seem to like to remain long in the presence of silver. As one reader said:

“We were sitting on the bed, and smelled something so I flipped my dog’s ears over and saw the debris from the mites that had dug into his skin. Yuck. The debris stunk. And it was gross.

We sprayed some colloidal silver over the dog’s head and allowed it to gently drop into his ears. And 2 hours later I looked and the mite debris was gone. There was still some way down in the ear canal. But for it to literally disappear…we were shocked.

The regeneration was also quick, especially the hair. “Now, if the problem recurs, we spray the colloidal silver directly in ear. We use it on his hot spots too.”

Considering how difficult it can be for pet owners to successfully treat ear mites in pets, this is clearly another unusual yet highly beneficial use for colloidal silver.


#9: Treat Upper Respiratory Infections With Colloidal Silver — Normally, when a person has an upper respiratory infection, the doctor prescribes antibiotic drugs. If disease processes such as bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma, COPD or others are involved, the doctor might also prescribe the use of a nebulizer – a device that allows you to atomize liquid medications into a fine, breathable mist, so they can be inhaled directly into the lungs. Many experienced colloidal silver users even nebulizer colloidal silver directly into their lungs when they have upper respiratory infections. And yes, the same thing can be done for pets suffering from upper respiratory infections. (To learn more about nebulizing colloidal silver into the lungs, see the short video and longer article “Using Colloidal Silver With a Nebulizer.”)

But how do you get an animal to sit in front of a nebulizer and breathe in the atomized colloidal silver mist? Not easy. Normally, you’d give colloidal silver to them orally, but that isn’t terribly effective with an upper respiratory infection. You have to get the colloidal silver down into the lungs. According to A. Schroeder and other experienced colloidal silver users the solution is a “croup tent.” Schroeder gave this example:

“I had some chicks with upper respiratory infections and made a ‘croup tent’ out of a plastic grocery bag. I used a nebulizer to mist the colloidal silver into the ‘tent’ and one of the chicks is already up and eating again after only 2 treatments!! Love this stuff and love my Silver Edge colloidal silver generator even more!”

It can be assumed that she ran the nebulizer’s breathing tube into the makeshift “croup tent” so the colloidal silver mist could fill it. Also she must have cut air holes into the bag so the chicks could breathe. You could also make a makeshift croup tent from a cardboard box with air holes cut into the sides and top—animals still need air to breathe, even during a nebulizer treatment.

An even simpler method would be to use the animal’s crate (i.e., pet carrier) with a towel draped over it, leaving some open area exposed for air. A larger animal could be treated in a small child’s pop-up tent, or maybe you could figure out a way to keep a larger dog inside its house and run the nebulizer tube into the dog house.

Run the nebulizer for maybe 10 to 15 minutes, several times a day. In any case, be sure you have left enough air holes for the animal to breathe comfortably. Learn even more about this unique technique for dealing successfully with pet upper respiratory infections, in the article Colloidal Silver for Animals with Upper Respiratory Infections.


#10: Treat a Stomach Infection With Colloidal Silver — Pets, just like humans, are susceptible to stomach infections. After all, they eat just about anything when we’re not looking. While there’s no clinical research documenting how much colloidal silver to give pets for tummy issues, there are plenty of anecdotal accounts to indicate it does help quickly soothe and heal stomach issues in dogs, cats and other animals.

Often, a pet with a sick stomach won’t eat or drink, so the trick is to get some colloidal silver into him, somehow. Most of the time, I simply put a small bowl full of fresh, pure 10 ppm colloidal silver next to my pet’s water bowl. When pets are sick, you’ll be surprised to find they’ll often choose to drink from the bowl full of colloidal silver than from their own water bowl.

But if you have trouble getting your pet to drink the colloidal silver, one effective method is to fill a plastic 10ml syringe (without needle) with 20 ppm colloidal silver and squirt it directly into your pet’s mouth, as demonstrated in this short video on Treating Dogs and Other Pets With Colloidal Silver.

A large dog, for example, might need two or three syringes full of colloidal silver at a time. And this might need to be repeated up to four times a day until the stomach infection resolves.

A smaller animal won’t need nearly as much colloidal silver, but the treatment method is the same. According to pet owners who use colloidal silver, very small dogs with stomach problems can be given four or five eyedroppers full of colloidal silver, three or four times a day until the stomach problem resolves.


#11: Treat Parvo With Colloidal Silver — While there’s no clinical or published veterinary evidence that colloidal silver can be used to cure Parvovirus in dogs, there’s actually tons of anecdotal evidence. It seems that people have been using colloidal silver on their “Parvo puppies” (and grown dogs with Parvo) for many years, and often with exemplary healing results. There’s no guarantee, of course, as even vets have trouble saving dogs who have been infected with this insidious virus. (Up to 80 percent of Parvo-infected dogs treated with conventional veterinary treatments die.) But based on the anecdotal data, you have a pretty good chance of treating Parvo successfully with colloidal silver, and saving your dog.

For puppies and small dogs, you’ll have to administer the colloidal silver orally with an eye dropper. In medium sized to larger dogs, a 10 cc or larger plastic syringe (no needle) can be used to gently squirt the colloidal silver into the dog’s mouth.

Anecdotal accounts vary in terms of dosage for puppies. When the disease is caught early, some people administer up to five eyedroppers full of 10 ppm colloidal silver as much as five times a day until the puppy’s appetite returns and Parvo symptoms abate. For adult and larger dogs with a Parvo infection, a 10 cc plastic syringe (no needle) can be used. Dog owners say they use up to five 10 cc plastic syringes full of colloidal silver orally up to five times a day until the dog’s appetite returns and the Parvo symptoms are gone.

People also recommend trying to feed a Parvo-infected dog strained baby food, or a commercial product called Nutristat which is available online. That’s because one of the symptoms of the Parvovirus is that it causes severe diarrhea which flushes all essential minerals/electrolytes out of your dog’s body. Replenishing those lost minerals/electrolytes is essential to the dog’s recovery.

Others recommend pouring a capsule of Lactobacillus acidophilus into a veterinary Pedialyte solution before administering it to the dog. In a process known as competitive inhibition, the beneficial digestive microbes will compete with the Parvovirus for space in the tummy and will eventually help drive them out. It will also help prevent some of the diarrhea that comes with Parvo and help heal the damage to the stomach lining done by the virus.

Remember, because dogs with Parvo don’t want to eat or drink, it’s vital to keep them well hydrated with an electrolyte solution (Pedialyte) for animals that you can get from a vet.

To learn more, see the short article and “how to” video Using Colloidal Silver to Cure Parvo in Dogs.


#12: Treat Mange With Colloidal Silver — Experienced colloidal silver users know that colloidal silver is great for healing skin issues and topical infections, and works fabulously well for helping keep cuts, burns, skin abrasions and more from becoming infected. Likewise, many pet owners have found that colloidal silver works wonders for skin issues on their pets, as well, including nasty cases of mange. Here’s what one user had to report:

“We make our own colloidal silver with a Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator from The Silver Edge. Thankfully, we brought the generator along with us when we visited our son, daughter-in-law and two grandsons this summer.

I was shocked when I saw their dear dog, Pepper, who had the worst case of mange I’ve ever seen. Big areas of skin were bare, scabbed and flaky and she would rub up against the house to scratch her sides from the tortuous itch.

Our son told us of all the trips to the vet for different remedies that didn’t work. Well, I got some jars and distilled water and made some micro-particle colloidal silver that day. I told our son to get a spray bottle to spray her down with the homemade colloidal silver that evening. He did.

The next morning there was a noticeable difference in her skin – almost no flakiness and she looked a lot less miserable. Each day we saw improvement and hair growth. By the end of the week she looked happier and wasn’t scratching. Now her coat is perfect and glossy – back to her lovely self.”

Apparently colloidal silver heals mange in cats too. Reader D. M. wrote:

“I am thrilled to report that the colloidal silver I made has cured my cat’s mange …his hair is starting to grow back!!

I gave him 1 teaspoon in a medical syringe, 1x a day (would have preferred 2x a day, but Tuna really hated the process). I also put some in a small spray bottle as well and sprayed it on all areas that fur was falling out.

I also used a cone to prevent Tuna from licking it off the area. In just 5 days his hair is already coming back!”

At first glance this may seem strange, as colloidal silver is best known for killing infectious microorganisms like bacteria, fungus and even some viruses. Mange in pets is caused by parasitic mites—mange mites. When a pet’s immune system is compromised, these mites can embed themselves in huge numbers in the animal’s skin, the result of which is the loss of large patches of skin.

Once this happens the door is open for infectious microbes such as Staphylococcus epidermidis to move in, resulting in even more hair loss. Colloidal silver seems to encourage the mange mites to move on (they apparently don’t like living in its presence) and it will kill any bacterial, fungal or viral microorganisms that have moved in, too.

#13: Reduce Unwanted Pet Odors With Colloidal Silver — A brand new use for colloidal silver has been discovered — removing pet odors. A recent email from a reader told of neighborhood cats marking their territory by spraying his front screen door in the early morning hours. Nothing he did would deter them…until…that is…he tried colloidal silver. Here’s his testimonial:

“The cats in my neighborhood every year have used my front door for target practice, spraying, marking their territory. I’ve tried everything, but the smell would not leave. So I tried putting colloidal silver into a sprayer and spraying the cat markings. The result? 15 minutes later, fresh as a daisy. Two weeks later they have NOT re-marked their territory. Totally astounding! I just love my Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator. Thanks for all you do!”

Another nice lady claims she used colloidal silver to get rid of the odor from her two pet dogs who loved to “mark” the carpet in her home office with urine. Here’s what she had to say:

“I am VERY happy to report back that colloidal silver ELIMINATES pet urine odor! I recently discovered this after adding two new pets to the household. Unfortunately, both dogs (male and female) are particularly fond of marking on the carpet in my home office. For the first time I decided to give the carpet the smell test after cleaning. It LOOKED clean, but I could still smell what had been there; no wonder dogs go back to the same spot(s) with their sophisticated noses.

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So, I had an idea to try colloidal silver and sprayed the carpet with it after cleaning it — it WORKED! Absolutely NO ODOR remained on the carpet. I was stunned! Don’t know why I didn’t think of it before. Never again will I buy commercial odor eliminators. Best of all, I can make all the colloidal silver that I want, anytime I want, CHEAP with my Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator. (It is shocking to see how much certain manufacturers (you know who they are) charge per ounce of their product.) Thank you for making a real and affordable micro-particle generator!”

There you have it. Colloidal silver works to eliminate even some of the most stubborn pet odors. So you won’t need any more expensive pet deodorant carpet cleansers and disinfectants. A few pennies worth of colloidal silver does the job, instead.


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#14: Cure “Ich,” Fin Rot And Other Tropical Fish Diseases With Colloidal Silver — Experienced colloidal silver users know that colloidal silver works astonishingly well when it comes to healing skin infections and other skin conditions in tropical aquarium fish, including the dread “ich” and fin rot. In fact, there’s even an online patent explaining exactly how much colloidal silver to use, which you can read about in the article Using Colloidal Silver in Your Fish Tank or Aquarium.

Basically, when “ich,” fin rot or other tropical fish skin diseases begin to appear, aquarium owners use one teaspoonful of 5 ppm colloidal silver to each 10 gallons of aquarium water. They might add this amount of colloidal silver to the tank every other day until the infection is visibly gone.

Aquarium owners swear that adding a tiny bit of colloidal silver to the aquarium from time-to-time — whether the fish are ill, or not — visibly bolsters the health and well-being of the fish. As one lady wrote on a tropical fish enthusiast website:

“I have had fish many times just in a bowl with no equipment, and they die and get stressed so easily. So when I had bad experiences with water going murky too quickly, and fish getting white spot, and having to spend money on chemicals to fix them.

So I figured out, must be bacteria. I researched colloidal silver and fish, and found a website where a man used colloidal silver to save thousands of dollars worth of fish when nothing else worked and that was his last resort.

So I dropped 10 drops of colloidal silver in my fish bowl and have had happy fish now for 6 months. I change the water once a month; sometimes 5-6 weeks. When I change the bowl I put them in a little water and completely fill the whole bowl with new water and tip them in.

Ha, Ha, you are not supposed to do this; you are supposed to only remove 2/3 water as they will get stressed. But not my fish with the colloidal silver in the water. They absolutely love it.

I only put an eyedropper full in every 2 weeks or whenever I feel I want to. A squirt here, squirt there and that is all I use, that is it. That says a lot about colloidal silver to me. The more I use it the more I love it.” — Denise

And as another aquarium enthusiast wrote to explain: “I added a capful of colloidal silver to my 25 gal tank. That was 2 days ago and I have noticed that my fish are all quite vibrant now. My Blackskirt tetra is much darker then he was before, my guppy is a deep purple and brilliant peach, and my Danio’s are heavily patterned now…It seems to make them happy, they look healthy and are eating, they are just alot more active and pretty to look at.” — tatty_kassy


#15: Spray Pet “Hot Spots” with Colloidal Silver to Relieve Itch and Prevent Infection — From time to time both dogs and cats can develop so-called “hot spots” on their skin. These are red and highly irritated areas of skin which can itch so badly the pet quite literally chews its own skin open or scratches it open in a vain attempt to stop the incessant itching. Veterinarians say pet hot spots are a form of dermatitis and can be caused by allergic reactions, mite or flea infestations, and of course, by microbial infections of the skin.

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Thankfully, spraying a little bit of 10 ppm colloidal silver onto pet hot spots can provide dramatic relief in several ways:

· Colloidal silver prevents the hot spot from becoming infected

· Colloidal silver quenches the itch, providing much-needed relief for the pet

· Colloidal silver soothes the rough, irritated skin

· Colloidal silver triggers optimal healing of the skin

Colloidal silver is doubly helpful with pet hot spots when they’re caused by microbes, because the silver kills the microbes, bringing an end to the ongoing irritation and also preventing infection from setting in and making the situation worse.

Colloidal silver also acts as an antioxidant, modulating the body’s inflammatory response by inhibiting cytokine release which in turn helps bring down the swelling and irritation on the skin. And the silver triggers optimal skin healing to take place, as well.

As the researchers behind a 2008 clinical study published in the journal Nanomedicine discovered, “…when dermatitis was induced in animals (i.e., pigs) the redness and swelling returned to near-normal after 72 hours of treatment with nanosilver, while groups treated with other substances remained inflamed.” According to the researchers:

“These results demonstrate that colloidal silver had a direct anti-inflammatory effect in the porcine contact dermatitis model that improved the overall outcome of the healing process,” and that “colloidal silver may be responsible for the anti-inflammatory activity and improvement in healing.”

So medical science has demonstrated that colloidal silver can heal dermatitis on animals, and trigger healing of the irritated skin itself, as well.

How does this work out in real life? As reader Robyn G. wrote in to say, “My dogs get hot spots. I use a makeup remover pad and spray colloidal silver on it and dab the affected area for a couple of minutes. I let it dry and then rub organic coconut oil on the area..Works like a charm every time.”

In my own case, my elderly male Shepherd mix, Brownie, tends to get hot spots on his feet. And when a hot spot strikes, he’ll lick and even chew madly at his feet, one after the other, for twenty or thirty minutes at a time before he gains a modicum of relief.

But as soon as I see him licking and chewing at his feet, I go into action. I grab the pump spray bottle of colloidal silver and spray his feet with 10 ppm strength. I make sure to spray the colloidal silver deep between the pads on his paws, as well as directly onto the pads. If the licking and biting is particularly bad, I might even spray his feet with colloidal silver until they’re drenched.

The end result? The itching and the need to lick and bite vanishes within moments. And the pleasant look of relief on my Brownie’s face is always precious.

In Summary…

As you can see, colloidal silver can be an indispensible healing tool when it comes to pet health and well-being. And it can save you boatloads of money, to boot, by reducing veterinary visits and allowing you to help heal your own pets, naturally. As pet lover and natural health writer Angela Kaelin has noted:

“Colloidal silver works to destroy bacterial, fungal and viral infections in cats and dogs just as well as it does in human beings. Furthermore, because colloidal silver is odorless, almost tasteless and non-toxic, experts say you can use it for both dogs and cats internally and externally.

If you are looking for a healthy, alternative way to take care of your pets and avoid expensive veterinary bills, colloidal silver can go a long way in helping you achieve that goal. Whether you are looking for a disease preventative, a way to clean your pet and his bedding or deal with illness and injuries, it can be a Godsend to you. And it will definitely save you loads of money you’d otherwise have to spend on a veterinarian.”

You can read how a dozen other pet owners have used colloidal silver to help heal a myriad of pet illnesses and diseases, in the article Colloidal Silver for Dogs, Cats, Horses, Reptiles and Other Pets.

Learn More…

Thankfully, today, high-quality colloidal silver – the world’s safest and most powerful natural healing and infection-fighting agent — is available in just about every well-stocked health food store in the United States.

And you can also make it yourself, for just pennies, quickly and easily. I’ll tell you how people are doing it, in just a moment.

But first, if you’d like to learn more about colloidal silver’s astonishing effectiveness against drug-resistant pathogens, here are a few resources you might want to check out:
Make Your Own Colloidal Silver for Pennies

MPG TRANSPARENT BY STEVE.jpgColloidal silver can be purchased at just about any local health food store, or through a number of online sources including

However, it’s quite literally one of the most expensive and heavily marked-up nutritional supplements in existence.

Health food store owners, for example, often charge as much as $20-$30 for a tiny four-ounce bottle. Yet the cost to manufacture four ounces of colloidal silver is about 12 cents. Yes, I said twelve cents.

Of course, people are willing to pay through the nose for colloidal silver, since it’s safe and natural, and works so well against germs, mold, fungus, and even viruses.

But thankfully, there’s no need to pay such exorbitant prices for colloidal silver, when you can make your own, quickly and easily, in the comfort and privacy of your own home, for about 36 cents a quart.

Yes, you can make it yourself for its actual cost, and altogether skip the sky-high mark-ups charged by health food stores!

If you’re interested in learning how to make your own high-quality colloidal silver at home, for about 36 cents a quart, here are some additional short articles you might want to take a look at:

· Make Your Own Colloidal Silver for Pennies

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· Get Your FREE Colloidal Silver Safe Dosage Report Here

Meanwhile, I’ll be back next week with another great article on colloidal silver….

Yours for the safe, sane and responsible use of colloidal silver,
Steve Barwick, author
The Ultimate Colloidal Silver Manual


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